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Our Privacy Notice

Before we begin

This notice (Privacy Notice) applies to personal information held by ENBIS, as described below. It explains what information we collect about you, how we’ll use that information, who we’ll share it with, the circumstances when we’ll share it and what steps we’ll take to make sure it stays private and secure. It continues to apply even if your membership ends.

This Privacy Notice covers any personal products or services you have with us, including also conference, workshop, webinar attendance. Sometimes we may need to provide you with separate or further information about specific products and services. This information will also apply.

Some of the links on our websites lead to other Statistics and Analytics related websites  with  their  own  privacy  notices, which may be different to this notice. You’ll need to make sure you’re happy with their privacy notices when using those other sites.

When we say ‘we’, we mean ENBIS. Wherever we’ve said ‘you’ or ‘your’, this means you.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can also find contact details below or email to

What information we collect

We’ll only collect your information in line with relevant services and information in the fields of evidence-based decision making and data analytics. We may collect it from the registration process or it may relate to any of our products or services you apply for, currently hold or have held in the past. We may also collect information about you when you interact with us, e.g. visit our websites or mobile channels,  call us.

The information we collect may include:

Information that you provide to us, e.g.:

  • personal details, e.g. name, affiliation, gender, date and place of birth;
  • contact details, e.g. address, email address, landline and mobile numbers;
  • information concerning your nationality;
  • market research, e.g. information and opinions expressed when participating in market research;
  • user login and subscription data, e.g. login credentials for phone and online banking and mobile banking apps;
  • other information about you that you give us by filling in forms or by communicating with us, whether face-to-face, by phone, email, online, or otherwise;


Information we collect or generate about you, e.g.:

  • information about your relationship with us, including the products and services you hold, the channels you use and your ways of interacting with us;
  • information we use to identify and authenticate you, e.g. your signature and your login data
  • geographic information, e.g. about the local networks you may be interested in
  • marketing and sales information, e.g. details of the services you receive and your preferences;
  • cookies and similar technologies we use to recognise you, remember your preferences
  • information that we need to support our regulatory obligations, e.g. information about transaction details, detection of any suspicious and unusual activity and information about parties connected to you or these activities.


How we’ll use your information

We’ll only use your information where we have your consent, or we have another lawful reason for using it.

Compliance with laws and regulatory compliance obligations

We’ll use your information to meet our compliance obligations, to comply with other laws and regulations.


Marketing and market research

We’ll use your information to keep you in touch with ENBIS activities, to invite you to conferences, workshops, webinars, or to introduce relevant products and services like books, software, websites.

We may use your information to provide you with details about other ENBIS products and services, and also products and services from our partners and other relevant third parties. We may send you marketing messages by post, email, telephone, text or secure messages. Email will be the preferred way of contact. You can change your mind on how you receive marketing messages or choose to stop receiving them at any time. To make that change, please contact us in the usual way. (

If you ask us not to send you marketing, it may take us a short period of time to update our systems and records    to reflect your request, during which time you may continue to receive marketing messages. Even if you tell us not to send you marketing messages, we’ll continue to use your contact details to provide you with important information, such as changes to your terms and conditions or if we need to tell you something to comply with our regulatory obligations.

We may use your information for market research and to identify trends. Market research agencies acting on our behalf may get in touch with you by post, telephone, email or other methods of communication to invite you to take part in research. We won’t invite you to take part in research using a communication method if you’ve asked  us not to get in touch that way. Any responses that you provide whilst participating in market research will be reported back to us anonymously unless you give us permission for your details to be shared.


Who we might share your information with

We may share your information with others where lawful to do so including where we or they:

  • need to in order to provide you with products or services you’ve requested, e.g. fulfilling a payment request;
  • have a legitimate business reason for doing so, e.g. to manage risk, verify your identity, enable another company to provide you with services you’ve requested, or assess your suitability for products and services;
  • have asked you for your permission to share it, and you’ve agreed. We may share your information for these purposes with our partners and sponsors.


Sharing aggregated or anonymised information

We may share aggregated or anonymised information within and outside of ENBIS with partners such as research groups, universities or advertisers. You won’t be able to be identified from this information.


How long we’ll keep your information

We keep your information in line with our data retention policy and legal restrictions.

If we don’t need to retain information for this period of time, we may destroy, delete or anonymise it more promptly.


Transferring your information overseas

Your information is only transferred to and stored in locations inside the European Economic Area (EEA),


Your rights

You have a number of rights in relation to the information that we hold about you. These rights include:

  • the right to access information we hold about you and to obtain information about how we process it;
  • in some circumstances, the right to withdraw your consent to our processing of your information, which you can do at any time. We may continue to process your information if we have another legitimate reason for doing so;
  • in some circumstances, the right to receive certain information you have provided to us in an electronic format and/or request that we transmit it to a third party;
  • the right to request that we rectify your information if it’s inaccurate or incomplete;
  • in some circumstances, the right to request that we erase your information. We may continue to retain your information if we’re entitled or required to retain it;
  • the right to object to, and to request that we restrict, our processing of your information in some circumstances. Again, there may be situations where you object to, or ask us to restrict, our processing of your information but we’re entitled to continue processing your information and/or to refuse that request.

You can exercise your rights by contacting us (  or to complain to the data protection regulator in the country where you live or work.


How we keep your information secure

We use a range of measures to keep your information safe and secure which may include encryption and other forms of security. We require our staff and any third parties who carry out any work on our behalf to comply   with appropriate compliance standards including obligations to protect any information and applying appropriate measures for the use and transfer of information.

This Privacy Notice may be updated from time to time and the most recent version can be found at


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