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Honorary Membership

In addition to ordinary members, ENBIS also has honorary members. An honorary member has the same rights as an ordinary member. The aim of awarding honorary membership is to recognize outstanding academicians, leaders, and practitioners who have made significant contributions in the area of industrial statistics.

Awarding of honorary membership is in the competence of the Executive Committee.  A person who is or has been an ordinary member and whose contributions to statistics merit special honor may be awarded an honorary membership.

Evaluation criteria for honorary membership are as follows:

  1. Industrial achievements, impact, leadership and recognition at technical or management levels for the implementations of industrial statistics related concepts


Academic achievements, impact, and recognition in terms of academic publications and presentations related to industrial statistics concepts

  1. Contributions and service to ENBIS in terms of execution, administration or organization, as well as participation to events and other volunteer activities
  2. Contributions in terms of teaching or consulting in business and industrial statistics related concepts
Honorary Member Date
Henry Wynn March 2020
Fabrizio Ruggeri March 2020
Ron Kenett March 2020
Xavier Tort-Martorell March 2020
Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe March 2020
Marco P. Seabra dos Reis March 2020
Rainer Göb March 2020
Shirley Coleman March 2020
Antonio Pievatolo March 2020
Irena Ograjenšek March 2020
Dave Stewardson March 2020
Tony Greenfield March 2020
Poul Tyregood March 2020
Alessandro di Bucchianico September 2020
Winfried Theis September 2020
Kristina Krebs September 2020
Grazia Vicario September 2020
Chris McCollin September 2020
Alistair Forbes September 2020
Nikolaus Haselgruber September 2020
Martina Vandebroek September 2020
Antje Christensen September 2020
Bart De Ketelaere September 2021
Eleanor Stillman September 2021
Geoff Vining September 2021
Jacqueline Asscher September 2021
John Tyssedal September 2021
Jonathan Smyth-Renshaw September 2021
Rossella Berni September 2021
Shuki Dror September 2021
Tim Robinson September 2021
Vladimir Shper September 2021
Anne de Frenne June 2022
Christian Weiss June 2022
Werner Müller June 2022
Stefanie Feiler June 2022
Murat Kulahci June 2022
Froydis Bjerke September 2023
Bianca Maria Colosimo September 2023
Peter Goos September 2023
Murat Caner Testik September 2023