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Transfer Learning in Industrial Applications Webinar 08/02/2024 Mathilde Mougeot
The Anatomy of a Machine Learning Pipeline Webinar 14/01/2024 Marco Scutari, Mauro Malvestio
ENBIS/JMP Webinar : JMP Webinar: Rapid Predictive Modeling without Having to Write Code Webinar 11/01/2024 Phil Kay, Volker Kraft
ENBIS/JMP Webinar: An Introduction to Variable Selection Using Advanced Regression Techniques Webinar 11/01/2024 Clay Barker
ENBIS/JMP Webinar: How do new analytical capabilites find their way into JMP? Webinar 08/11/2023 Jacqueline Asscher, Chris Gotwalt
ENBIS/JMP: Review of machine learning applications for chemical and process industries Webinar 08/11/2023 Antonio Del Rio Chanona, Mattia Vallerio and Francisco Jose Navarro-Brull
frENBIS/EDF Machine Learning for Industry and Climate Presentation 08/11/2023 N/A
Valeria Borodin: Modeling semiconductor manufacturing processes under data fragmentation
 Webinar 20/10/2023 Valeria Borodin
Photos from ENBIS-23 in Valencia, Spain Photos 18/10/2023 N/A
Machine Learning & Industry Presentation 12/06/2023 N/A
Christoffer Riis: Bayesian Active Learning with Fully Bayesian Gaussian Processes Webinar 09/06/2023 Christoffer Riis
Rémi Coulaud: Modeling and forecasting of railway operation and passenger flow variables in dense traffic areas Webinar 07/06/2023 Rémi Coulaud
Bertrand Clarke: ‘Statistical Analysis and Data Mining’ is a Place You Want to Publish Webinar 28/03/2023 Bertrand Clarke
Mark Girolami: Digital Twins: Hype or hope? Webinar 24/03/2023 Marc Girolami