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Piercesare Secchi: O2S2 – Object Oriented Spatial Statistics: A Review with ExamplesVideo30/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Alessandra Menafoglio: An Object Oriented Approach to the Analysis of Complex Data (Young Statistician Award)Video30/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Abel Folch-Fortuny: Missing Data Imputation in Multivariate Data Sets (Young Statistician Award)Video30/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Sotiris Bersimis: Statistical Tools for Quantitative Management and Fraud Detection (Best Manager Award)Video30/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Ron Kenett: The Real Work of Data Science: How to Turn Data into Information, Better Decisions, and Stronger Organizations (George Box Award)Video30/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Jean-Yves Tourneret: A Review of Multiband Image Fusion Methods With a Specific Attention to Bayesian MethodsVideo30/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Photos from ENBIS-18 in Nancy, FrancePhotos21/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Binary Test of Latent Ability: Evaluation & Design ProblemsPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Selection of the number of components of a PLS Regression with MAR mechanismPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Short One-Sided Confidence Intervals for a ProportionPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Experimental Designs in Industrial MarketingPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Self-Similarity Analysis of Electrodermal Activity for Driver’s Stress Level CharacterisationPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Applied Linearity AnalysisPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Implementation of Standardised Multivariate Capability Indices in RPresentation18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster

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