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Erin Coulson: Design of Experiments for Business Improvement in SME Marketing StrategiesWebinar01/09/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Mélanie Prague: Multi-Level Modelling of Early Covid-19 Epidemic Dynamics in French Regions and Estimation of the Lockdown Impact on Infection RateWebinar07/07/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Kieran Peel: Gaussian Process Regression Modelling of Pipe Defects using Magnetic Flux Leakage TechnologyWebinar03/07/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Dan Walker: Data Science in the Improvement of Facilities Management Service DeliveryWebinar19/06/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Arthur Charpentier: Covid-19 Pandemic Control: Balancing Detection Policy and Lockdown Intervention under ICU SustainabilityWebinar04/06/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Daniel Ahelegbey: Market Risk, Connectedness and Turbulence: a comparison of 21st Century Financial CrisesWebinar30/04/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Paolo Giudici: CEPS: Monitoring Covid-19 ContagionWebinar30/04/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Marc Lavielle: Modelling some Covid-19 DataWebinar28/04/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Ron Kenett: Analytics in Industry 4.0 with some Covid-19 ImplicationsWebinar24/04/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Bianca Maria Colosimo: Journal of Quality Technology: The New Sections on Data and Software and the Special Issue Call for Papers on Artificial Intelligence & Statistics for Quality EngineeringWebinar07/02/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Francesca Capaci: Statistical Challenges in Industrial Processes under Feedback ControlWebinar25/11/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Ursula Garczarek: Without Statistical DoE, 30 Percent of Experimental Runs are WastedWebinar23/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Christian Ritter: Skeletons on Flying CarpetsWebinar23/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Sam Savage: The Flaw of Averages and It CureWebinar23/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster

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