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ENBIS Webinar: Statistical Significance and p-values Webinar 04/02/2022 Bernard Francq, Daniël Lakens, Ron Kenett, Stephen Senn
Pierre Pinson: International Journal of Forecasting, A high-quality focused journal at the interface between methods and applications Webinar 06/01/2022 Pierre Pinson
Rebecca Killick: Journal of Statistical Software: What is it?Who reads it? Why submit to it? Webinar 21/12/2021 Rebecca Killick
Pernille Rydén & Shirley Coleman : “Big data analytics for SMEs” Webinar 15/12/2021 Pernille Rydén & Shirley Coleman
Liam Fleming : “Bayesian Adaptive Design with Cheminal Process” Webinar 15/12/2021 Liam Fleming
Stochastic Approaches for Certification of Machine Learning Algorithms Video 08/11/2021 Grégory Flandin, Jayant Sen Gupta, Joseph Mikael, Freddy Lecue
ENBIS-21 Annual Conference Video 29/09/2021 N/A
ENBIS Workshop: Interpretability for Industry 4.0 Event document 05/08/2021 N/A
ENBIS Annual Conference (Valencia, Spain, 10-14 September 2023) ENBIS News 20/07/2021 N/A
Spring meeting: “Digital Twins” (Copenhagen, Denmark, 25-26 May 2023) ENBIS News 15/07/2021 N/A
ENBIS Webinar: “Statistical Analysis and Data Mining” is a Place You Want to Publish. 16th February 2023, 16:00 CET ENBIS News 25/06/2021 N/A
ENBIS elections 2021 are running ENBIS News 23/06/2021 N/A
Murat Caner Testik: ENBIS 20 Online Conference Opening Talk Video 22/06/2021 Murat Caner Testik
ENBIS 2021 Spring Meeting Event document 09/06/2021 ENBIS 2021 Spring Meeting Program Committee