ENBIS-13 in Ankara

15 – 19 September 2013 Abstract submission: 5 February – 5 June 2013

European Funding

16 September 2013, 12:15 – 13:15


Submitted by
Alessandro Di Bucchianico
Alessandro Di Bucchianico (Eindhoven University of Technology), Rainer Goeb (University of Würzburg)
In this session we will introduce the audience to the world of European Union funding and discuss the opportunities that EU funding offers to ENBIS and its members.
The session starts off with a discussion of the importance of obtaining EU funding from various points of view (academia, industry, European Union). Then we will present an overview of the various funding programmes. We will explain the different goals of these funding programmes, show how to obtain the relevant information and discuss.
The second part of the session will review previous participation of ENBIS in EU funded projects and then proceed with ideas for acquiring new projects. We conclude the session with an open discussion with the audience about ideas and wishes for EU funded projects with ENBIS members.

It will be important to embed statistical approaches into topics of wider interest from the perspective of science, society, technology, economy, and business management. The following topics seem particularly appropriate: risk management; business continuity management; data integration, big data; business intelligence and analytics, in particular supply chain analytics, customer relationship analytics; energy, in particular energy demand, energy security, energy infrastructure, electricity nets, renewable energy; counter-terrorism; cyber defence; environmental security, in particular health risks, climate change, water scarcity, disaster and catastrophe prevention, water and food security, protection of natural resources, sustainability; metrology; demography, in particular ageing population; healthcare; transportation, mobility, traffic.
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