Free ENBIS Webinar on DoE in Practice: A Review of Basic and Computer Experiments Using Hands-On Simulators

29 October 2013; 12:00 – 13:00; ENBIS WebEX environment

The webinar will be given by Ron S. Kenett and Daniele Amberti, and moderated by Antje Christensen. View details about its contents and register to participate for free by clicking on its title.

This webinar is designed to provide participants with a guided tour through basic factorial and fractional experiments, central composite designs and space filling computer experiments. A specially designed simulator of a piston will be used throughout. The R code for the simulator is part of the mistat R package available in CRAN and as a JMP add in that will be provided to pre-registered participants. To use these simulators you need to install R (use the latest version 3.0) and JMP (there is a free full version download available).  The material presented will offer a preview of the forthcoming second edition of Modern Industrial Statistics with applications in R, MINITAB and JMP (MISTAT) to be published by Wiley in January 2014. Participation in the webinar does not require you to install R, JMP or download the piston simulator, you will be able to do it later. We however encourage participants to have the simulators accessible for a hand’s on experience.