Free Enbis Webinar by Volker Kraft: "A Dirty Job: Preparing and Cleaning Your Data"

15 November 2016; 12:45 – 13:30

Volker Kraft (Academic Ambassador of JMP) will talk about cleaning datasets using JMP. The webinar will be moderated by Winfried Theis.

Real data is dirty data. For anyone doing data analysis, it’s common to devote a large proportion of time to data preparation and cleaning. One goal is to be familiar with the basics, like reshaping, reformatting or recoding your data. Another more challenging goal is to assure that the data is fit for purpose, which requires appropriate handling of more subtle issues like data anomalies, inconsistencies and missing values.

We will consider three general places where data cleaning questions occur. The first is while building your data set: Missing delimiters, mismatched variable names, and out-of-sync time stamps often make accessing, concatenating and joining data difficult. Once the data is consolidated, you may run into a different set of issues: Incorrect data or modeling types for variables, observations with no values, cryptic error codes and misspelled values are common problems. Finally, to conduct a viable analysis, you may find that you need to remove outliers, transform variables or aggregate over levels of variables.

This seminar will show examples of how best to tackle all these tasks using the capabilities in JMP 13.