Free Enbis Webinar by Emilio L. Cano: "The R Software for Statistical Quality Control and Improvement"

17 April 2018; 12:30 – 13:30

Emilio L. Cano will demonstrate how to use R for statistical quality control and improvement and show some relevant packages. The webinar will be moderated by Shirley Coleman.

The R statistical software and programming language ( has experienced an impressive increase of use not only in research and academic environments but also in practical applications. However, even though some companies are starting to use R for statistical methods for quality control and improvement, there is a long way to attain the usage and confidence standard commercial tools have reached. Actually, in many companies R is being used thanks to a handful of R-enthusiastic practitioners working there.


In this webinar, an overview of some R tools for statistical quality control and improvement will be provided using the RStudio environment. Examples on control charts, measurement systems analysis and capability analysis will be shown. Examples include implemented methods in existing packages and ad-hoc, simple functions illustrating an ISO standard implementation. Success stories and interesting feedback from users of the SixSigma R package will showcase the power of R in Industry and Business.