ENBIS Spring Meeting 2019 in Barcelona

13 – 14 June 2019 Abstract submission: 15 January – 20 May 2019

What’s the Role of Software in Statistical Engineering?

13 June 2019, 12:20 – 13:00


Submitted by
Ian Cox
Volker Kraft (JMP), Ian Cox (JMP)
Statistical Engineering seeks to solve tough problems with an holistic, multidisciplinary approach. This is a challenging agenda, requiring the help of software that can support learning, and encapsulate and make accessible the knowledge that results. This presentation aims to articulate the capabilities that software needs to do this adequately, and in so doing, suggests why new patterns of use may be required. These might be provided by more disciplined and consistent use of existing applications, or by software that does not yet exist. To make the scope manageable, we will focus on empirical model building using data, an important part of Statistical Engineering.

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