ENBIS-20 Online Conference

28 September – 1 October 2020; Online

Active Session by Christian Ritter on 'Open Problems in Business and Industry'

28 September 2020, 17:00 – 18:00



Christian Ritter,
Independent Consultant and Professor at UCLouvain, Belgium

About the Session:

In this session, you will explore and discuss two fresh open problems. Two volunteers will briefly present an open case they are working on, you'll ask questions and give advice, and Christian will facilitate the meeting to make sure that everybody contributes. It's a session type we experimented with at a few ENBIS conferences which gives participants an opportunity to enter much more deeply into the subjects and we decided to try it out online this time. Be curious ...

Practical information: We are looking for two volunteers to introduce projects they are working on and on which they would like to receive guidance and advice by the ENBIS audience. If you are currently working on a subject and aren't sure how to deal with it or how to do it better, let Christian know and he will see if it could be a case for the ENBIS live session. If selected, you would be asked to briefly introduce the case during the session (7 minute maximum). You can either do it live or via a recorded mini-presentation. Then you should be ready to answer questions from the audience and to actively follow the discussions.


Christian Ritter is an independent statistical consultant and part time. Over 30 years of professional experience, he contributed to hundreds of projects covering experimental designs, exploratory analysis, modeling, reporting and communication. His special interests include computational statistics and simulation applied to industrial statistics, statistical graphics, and of course, improvisation and interaction in teaching and consultancy. 25 years ago, he adapted the Wisconsin course on statistical consulting to the context of UCLouvain and has been teaching it since then. Five years ago, he created an intensive course called 'Junior Data Analyst' which gives quantitative-minded people with degrees in human and social sciences an opportunity to enter careers in data science. It now graduates more than 30 participants per year who fill positions in many different businesses and public services. The key to success in this training is the combination of communication and analytical skills. Facilitating communication to enhance analytics is also the objective of ENBIS Live. 

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