Statistics for industrial consumer studies

12 June 2009

This nENBIS / ENBIS academy event is looking at how industry performs consumer studies to focus reseach and development on consumer needs.

Statistics for industrial consumer studies

In modern consumer-oriented industrial research and development, consumer studies become more and more important. Where in the food and cosmetics industries consumer studies have a long tradition, they are now adopted also by e.g. electronics and medical industries, as well as by business services, gradually moving their innovation focus from technology to the consumer. In these studies measurements are obtained under various conditions, which deliver data on consumer perception and experience. It is evident that statistics plays an important role, at the design phase, as well as at the analysis of the data.

The meeting aims to present practical results on industrial consumer studies regarding study design and analysis of data. It further gives the opportunity to industrial practitioners and researchers at universities to meet and to exchange knowledge. We are happy with the opportunity offered by Unilever Research for hosting this meeting.

The organizers,

Winfried Theis, Unilever R&D Vlaardingen,

Jan Engel, CQM Eindhoven


The presentations are now available here (you might be requested to login, as they are in the members only area) .


Fees reduced to 0 Euro thanks to sponsors

We thank Unilever R&D Vlaardingen for the room and organisational support and we thank Bedrijfssectie van de Vereninging voor Statistiek for sponsoring the speakers and drinks.

Travel Instructions

The meeting will take place at Unilever Reseach and Development in Vlaardingen, Olivier van Noortlaan 120, 3130 AC Vlaardingen

By train:  From Rotterdam Central there is a quarterly service direction Hoek van Holland which you take to Vlaardingen Centrum. As there is at the moment some unclear development of roadwork, a description of the (short) walk from there will be published in time.

By car: Please see the map below how to reach our lab in the coming months. Important: Do go onto the A20 anyways and do not use "Vlaardingen Oost".

By plane: Next Airport is Rotterdam and there is a bus service to Rotterdam Centraal from where you can follow  the train instructions. Taxi from Rotterdam Airport is about EUR 50,--.