Pre-Conference Course: Advanced Graphics & R-Excel

20 September 2009

This course is all about how to create advanced statistical graphics using Excel with support from R.


Christian Ritter, Consultant


1. Review of basic principles governing the effective display of quantitative information.

2. Advanced statistical graphics in Excel: what is easy? what is hard?
how can one get around some of the limitations?

How to make an x-y graph with dynamic axes?
How to use sliders to dynamically adjust the data section shown in a time graph?
How to make efficient control charts 3. Extending Excel by R using RExcel


  • Basic working principles of RExcel
  • How to pass data between Excel and R
  • Using the RCommander to find interesting graphs
  • Using Excel to fine tune R-graphs
  • Handling the Excel / R communication in VBA
  • Licensing issues related to using R and RExcel.