ENBIS-10 in Antwerp

12 – 16 September 2010 Abstract submission: 1 January – 31 May 2010

The three laws of communication

14 September 2010, 20:00 – 20:30


Submitted by
Jean-luc Doumont
Whether it is oral, written, or graphical, professional communication is a difficult art, one that involves many different success factors. For oral presentations, for example, the literature provides hundreds of guidelines toward selecting the right material, organizing it in a coherent, audience-friendly structure, creating effective slides, and delivering the presentation convincingly. At the same time, all these recommendations can be seen as specific instances of a small set of more general rules, which are thus easier to remember and therefore easier to apply systematically. In this dinner presentation, Dr Jean-luc Doumont will briefly present his "three laws of communication": a simple yet solid conceptual framework that underpins his entire book on effective communication for rational minds. In particular, he will illustrate for us how these laws help create and deliver better oral presentations.

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