Submission guidelines

Second Annual Conference on Business and Industrial Statistics
Rimini, Italy, September 23-24, 2002


Participants who deliver an oral or poster presentation on the conference can submit an accompanying paper. These papers are collected on a CD-ROM, which will be handed out during the conference. Authors who do not submit an accompanying paper are requested to send in their presentation slides or poster material.

All submission are converted to .pdf (Acrobat Reader) format. Some guidelines for submissions:

  • Papers should be sent to the webmaster.
  • The deadline for submissions is September 1st.
  • Papers can be submitted in the following formats:
    • Ms. Word (.doc)
    • Ms. Powerpoint (.ppt)
    • Text file (.txt)
    • Postscript (.ps)
    • Acrobat Reader (.pdf)
    • LaTeX, but always include the compiled version (.dvi, .ps or .pdf)
  • Formatting, lay-out and size should be reasonable, but there are no strict limitations.
  • The paper is the full responsibility of the author. No editing will be done!
  • Please, comply to the following convention for the filenames of your documents: first letter of first author's firstname + first author's family name. Thus, a Word document written by Jeroen de Mast and Ronald Does has the name: jdemast.doc.

Poster presentations

The boards for the poster presentations are 2.5m (width) x 1.5m (height). Each presenter will be given the space 1m x 1.2m. The organisation is not prescriptive regarding the format of the presentations: some prefer 1 large A0 page, others A3 or several A4 sheets. We recommend not to display papers in entirety as it can be difficult to follow in poster format; instead, report main themes, findings and add a few visuals, graphs, plots, photographs etc...

A separate poster session is allocated where all the posters will be on display and there is opportunity to talk to the interested delegates and answer their questions.